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Allington Incinerator – Another problem…

by Julia on 27 September, 2007

The highly contested, controversial, multi-million pound incinerator at Allington was shut down today following further problems. For some weeks local residents and those that drive near the area have been overwhelmed with a truely awful stench eminating from the incinerator. This has allegedly been caused by a backlog of waste to be burnt. Thousands of […]

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Weekly refuse collections to stay

by Julia on 26 September, 2007

It was full council tonight. The main topic for debate was funding of the recycling strategy. If people voted against it (as many of the Conservatives did), it would have meant we would have had to continue with the previous administrations plans to switch to alternate weekly collections. Thankfully, the recommendation was carried, and in […]

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It’s a girl thing…

by Julia on 25 September, 2007

No joking here… for those of you with a sensitive disposition, please don’t read the rest of this post… If you’re still reading, but not sure if it’s going to be for you or not, I’ll tell you now it’s about periods. They’re half taboo and half just bloody embarressing to talk about, but lets […]

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A letter to the Kent Messenger…

by Julia on 24 September, 2007

I’ve sent the following into the Letters page of the KM today: Dear Sir, I refer to Councillor Pollington’s letter (KM 21/09/07) regarding Maidstone’s local planning policy. Had Councillor Pollington attended some of the planning training provided for all elected Councillors, he would have heard an independent trainer praise the fact that our local plan […]

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Hello Olu…

by Julia on 23 September, 2007

Apparently, I have a regular reader of this blog – Olu who sits opposite husband at work. Allegedly, he only reads this blog to see if Peter’s got into trouble (or not) following coming home too late! Well Olu – it’s official – Peter got in BIG trouble following last Thursday’s outing! And seeings how […]

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Councillor’s Surgery

by Julia on 22 September, 2007

Bridge, Fant and Heath Wards all held their quarterly Councillor’s surgery this morning. As usual it wasn’t particularly well attended, but people that did come had never before contacted any of us (their local Councillor’s), and so it was worth putting on. Issues brought to Peter Hooper and myself (representing Heath Ward) were very close […]

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My new book is a big disapointment!

by Julia on 21 September, 2007

A few days ago I found a book whilst on my travels around Maidstone. I settled down to read it today – I have officially given up now having hit a block at page 3! The following is a quote from the book (and I’m really not making this up) in the opening chapter which […]

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New page on website

by Julia on 20 September, 2007

I’ve added a new page to this web site entitled “Current Issues“. I think this will be easiest way for anyone to monitor what it is I get up to and what issues people have advised me of! I’ve found it frustrating writing up just a few of the issues that I’m working on as […]

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Maidstone Hospital – A & E or ECC?

by Julia on 19 September, 2007

Last night, I experienced first hand Maidstone A&E – and it was very good. While on the phone to husband, Travis started crying. Rachael went off to talk to him and the crying stopped – Rachael deserves a lot of credit for the help she is – although last night she ended up in a […]

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by Julia on 18 September, 2007

I found a bookcrossing book in town today. It’s only my third find – I actually squealed with delight when I saw it. For those not in the know, Book Crossing is where you “release books into the wild” by leaving them in findable places (this one was on the wall of a church in town). Inside […]

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