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Maidstone Borough Elections 2008 – My 11th hour predictions!

by Julia on 1 May, 2008

After so many weeks busy on the campaign trail, today, at last, saw the arrival of polling day.

After a day spent “Telling”, “Knocking-up”, leaflet delivering and running around like a loon, I’m just showered and changed ready to go off to the count. For once I’m early and so I thought I might as well put together my predictions for tonights results. Maidstone is one of the key seats for the Tories. The Leader of the Council, Fran Wilson (Lib Dem) often says “Maidstone is an island of yellow, in a Kentish sea of blue”. The Tories are clearly vying for this borough to finally become a Tory council after many many years as a hung one.

Anyway – here’s the low down:


Currently My prediction  
Allington Lib Dem Lib Dem  
Barming Con Ind Might be a surprise in store for the Tories here – they don’t appear to have put in the effort until the late in the day and the Ind. candidate is well known and has worked hard in the area for years.
Bearsted Con Con  
Boughton Monchelsea & Chart Sutton Ind Ind  
Boxley Con Con  
Bridge Lib Dem Lib Dem  
Coxheath & Hunton Con Lib Dem

Possibly being optimistic – but has been worked very hard by the team.

East Lib Dem Lib Dem  
Fant Lab Lib Dem  
Headcorn Con Con  
Heath Lib Dem Lib Dem  
High Street Lib Dem Lib Dem  
Marden & Yalding Con Con  
North Lib Dem Lib Dem  
North Downs Con Con  
Park Wood Lib Dem Lib Dem  
Shepway North Con Con  
Shepway South Lab Con I hope I’m wrong on this one!
South Lib Dem Lib Dem

This will be very close I think – it’s been difficult because of the P&R issues. Could go Con.

To take overall control the Conservatives need a gain of one seat. If my predictions are correct, overall the Conservatives face a one seat loss, meaning providing the coalition holds, the Conservatives will not take control of the Council.

Things to bear in mind when reading this:

  1. I’m a glass is half full, not half empty kind of girl; and
  2. I’ve really only been involved in four of the above wards and don’t know all the in’s and out’s of the others.

Right – time for the off – I’ll post the real results in the morning!

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