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Concessionary Fares – The FACTS –

by Julia on 22 April, 2008

And so it begins – with an impending election, the Conservatives have chosen to not tell the truth in their literature in the hopes of winning a few illgotten votes…. The Conservatives are claiming that the Liberal Democrats wilfully refused to support a fully costed scheme which would have preserved tokens for the disabled and […]

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Concessionary Fares – update

by Julia on 23 March, 2008

I’ve been loathe to write anything about concessionary fares since the local Tories came up with their alternative budget which offered nothing genuine to the residents of Maidstone. Instead, they shocked me by coming up with a cruel political stunt, in my opinion, to do nothing more than win a view votes in May. In […]

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Concessionary Bus Fares

by Julia on 21 January, 2008

In April 2008 the Government will be introducing it’s new national concessionary bus fare scheme. From now on, every person over the age of 60 and all disabled people will be able to travel on any bus in the country for free. Sounds great doesn’t it? Yes it does – and it is a great […]

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Changes to the No. 8 bus service

by Julia on 12 September, 2007

From the 1st October, the No. 8 bus service that runs from Maidstone Hospital to Downswood is having a slight cut in service. The detailed changes are that the following journeys are withdrawn on Mondays to Fridays: 0845 Downswood to the town centre. 1555 Hospital to Downswood, 1643 Downswood to Hospital, 1730 Hospital to Downswood 1815 […]

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Park and Ride in Maidstone – The Facts.

by Julia on 9 September, 2007

With so much negative campaigning being done by the Conservatives, its time the record was set straight… FACT: Conservatives commissioned report into future of Coombe Quarry Park and Ride. FACT: Conservatives set the parameters for the report including consultation levels. FACT: The park and ride report proposing closure of the Coombe Quarry park and ride […]

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