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Yalding Organic Gardens

by Julia on 12 April, 2008

I have just sent off the following email to Garden Organic: Hi there,   I received a letter in the post this morning reminding me that my membership is expiring.   I became a member specifically because of the beautiful gardens at Yalding that I visited all to infrequently with my family. I was disappointed […]

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Trosley Country Park

by Julia on 10 November, 2007

I have just had one of the best days out with the kids ever and it only cost £2. It was great for the following reasons: It was cheap (meaning we can do this often); The kids didn’t whinge once and had a great time; It wore them out completely; It was very educational; It […]

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Maidstone Hospital

by Julia on 7 November, 2007

Following the sad deaths of so many, through Clostridium Difficile (C. Diff) Maidstone Hospital has been in the press for all the wrong reasons in the last few weeks. Because of this I really didn’t want to take baby Travis for his outpatient appointment (to have his squint checked) today. Since my last visit (a […]

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A clean sweep for Maidstone Town Centre

by Julia on 30 October, 2007

Today marked day one of six weeks of ‘clean sweeps’ in and around Maidstone. These are for those of us fed up with fly tipping and litter around the town. All equipment is provided – litter pickers, high vis jackets, gloves and bin bags and you set off to pick up what you can. The […]

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WOW – Walk On Wednesday

by Julia on 3 October, 2007

  Today saw the start of Brunswick House Primary School joining the “Walk On Wednesday” scheme. At it’s simplest, the idea is that pupils walk to and from school on Wednesdays. My kids couldn’t wait, as you get a sticker every time you walk. After so many stickers, you get a certificate. It’s a well known […]

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No more plastic bags…

by Julia on 1 October, 2007

Have just been sent a link about Hebden Bridge, a town that’s just made become free from plastic bags. More information can be found here: http://www.hebdenbridge.co.uk/news/news07/59.html One of the initiatives I particularly liked, was a session organised in the town with material and sewing machines, which gave people the chance to make their own reusable […]

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Home made bags

by Julia on 29 September, 2007

Cllr. Tony Harwood (Cabinet Member for Environment – Maidstone Borough) is keen to see the practise of shops giving out carrier bags stopped, and instead replaced with a reuseable “Maidstone bag”. Following some publicity in the papers with this, Pat Fyfe contacted all Borough Councillors to bring to our attention the “Mors bag” concept and […]

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I’m not sulking anymore.

by Julia on 28 September, 2007

No point carrying on sulking – it’s not like it’ll achieve anything. I’m going to make a bag. Update tomorrow.

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Allington Incinerator – Another problem…

by Julia on 27 September, 2007

The highly contested, controversial, multi-million pound incinerator at Allington was shut down today following further problems. For some weeks local residents and those that drive near the area have been overwhelmed with a truely awful stench eminating from the incinerator. This has allegedly been caused by a backlog of waste to be burnt. Thousands of […]

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Weekly refuse collections to stay

by Julia on 26 September, 2007

It was full council tonight. The main topic for debate was funding of the recycling strategy. If people voted against it (as many of the Conservatives did), it would have meant we would have had to continue with the previous administrations plans to switch to alternate weekly collections. Thankfully, the recommendation was carried, and in […]

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