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Concessionary Fares – The FACTS –

by Julia on 22 April, 2008

And so it begins – with an impending election, the Conservatives have chosen to not tell the truth in their literature in the hopes of winning a few illgotten votes…. The Conservatives are claiming that the Liberal Democrats wilfully refused to support a fully costed scheme which would have preserved tokens for the disabled and […]

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Yalding Organic Gardens

by Julia on 12 April, 2008

I have just sent off the following email to Garden Organic: Hi there,   I received a letter in the post this morning reminding me that my membership is expiring.   I became a member specifically because of the beautiful gardens at Yalding that I visited all to infrequently with my family. I was disappointed […]

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Concessionary Fares – update

by Julia on 23 March, 2008

I’ve been loathe to write anything about concessionary fares since the local Tories came up with their alternative budget which offered nothing genuine to the residents of Maidstone. Instead, they shocked me by coming up with a cruel political stunt, in my opinion, to do nothing more than win a view votes in May. In […]

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Concessionary Bus Fares

by Julia on 21 January, 2008

In April 2008 the Government will be introducing it’s new national concessionary bus fare scheme. From now on, every person over the age of 60 and all disabled people will be able to travel on any bus in the country for free. Sounds great doesn’t it? Yes it does – and it is a great […]

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I’ve made front page news!

by Julia on 13 November, 2007

Big excitement in the Batt household this morning, as I’ve made it to the front page of the Downs Mail town edition under the headline “The city of Maidstone”. The story reads: Tentative moves are being made to revisit city status for Maidstone. Cllr Julia Batt raised the question at a borough council scrutiny committee […]

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St. Andrew’s Park

by Julia on 8 November, 2007

St. Andrew’s Park is a beautiful listed (grade II) building that was previously part of Barming mental hospital. Around 5 years ago, it was converted into apartments with a lovely amount of open green space around it. Sadly though there have been issues with the development and it’s been difficult to get the developer to […]

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Maidstone Hospital

by Julia on 7 November, 2007

Following the sad deaths of so many, through Clostridium Difficile (C. Diff) Maidstone Hospital has been in the press for all the wrong reasons in the last few weeks. Because of this I really didn’t want to take baby Travis for his outpatient appointment (to have his squint checked) today. Since my last visit (a […]

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Autumn Focus

by Julia on 5 November, 2007

The next focus is off at the printers as we speak. Big excitement here in West Maidstone as we’ve decided to do an A3 focus for the first time outside of an election. You can see it before it comes through your door here

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Trick and Treat over for another year…

by Julia on 1 November, 2007

I’m not a great fan of trick and treating… I do go out with my children, but we go to only 4 or 5 houses – all of which are pre-arranged and with the persons approval. In contrast, trick and treating around here seems to involve any person that feels like it, knocking on my […]

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What a week…

by Julia on 13 October, 2007

Lack of posts have been due to an overloaded schedule this past week. Four Council meetings, a few campaign literature meetings, a PTA disco (for which I’m treasurer) to help with arranging, a ‘Morsbag’ making session, attempting to arrange kids Christening, general kids taxi service, full-time mum and a fair few constituent problems cropped up this […]

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