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Concessionary Fares – update

by Julia on 23 March, 2008

I’ve been loathe to write anything about concessionary fares since the local Tories came up with their alternative budget which offered nothing genuine to the residents of Maidstone. Instead, they shocked me by coming up with a cruel political stunt, in my opinion, to do nothing more than win a view votes in May. In […]

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Concessionary Bus Fares

by Julia on 21 January, 2008

In April 2008 the Government will be introducing it’s new national concessionary bus fare scheme. From now on, every person over the age of 60 and all disabled people will be able to travel on any bus in the country for free. Sounds great doesn’t it? Yes it does – and it is a great […]

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Trosley Country Park

by Julia on 10 November, 2007

I have just had one of the best days out with the kids ever and it only cost £2. It was great for the following reasons: It was cheap (meaning we can do this often); The kids didn’t whinge once and had a great time; It wore them out completely; It was very educational; It […]

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A clean sweep for Maidstone Town Centre

by Julia on 30 October, 2007

Today marked day one of six weeks of ‘clean sweeps’ in and around Maidstone. These are for those of us fed up with fly tipping and litter around the town. All equipment is provided – litter pickers, high vis jackets, gloves and bin bags and you set off to pick up what you can. The […]

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Allington Incinerator – Another problem…

by Julia on 27 September, 2007

The highly contested, controversial, multi-million pound incinerator at Allington was shut down today following further problems. For some weeks local residents and those that drive near the area have been overwhelmed with a truely awful stench eminating from the incinerator. This has allegedly been caused by a backlog of waste to be burnt. Thousands of […]

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Weekly refuse collections to stay

by Julia on 26 September, 2007

It was full council tonight. The main topic for debate was funding of the recycling strategy. If people voted against it (as many of the Conservatives did), it would have meant we would have had to continue with the previous administrations plans to switch to alternate weekly collections. Thankfully, the recommendation was carried, and in […]

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Maidstone Hospital – A & E or ECC?

by Julia on 19 September, 2007

Last night, I experienced first hand Maidstone A&E – and it was very good. While on the phone to husband, Travis started crying. Rachael went off to talk to him and the crying stopped – Rachael deserves a lot of credit for the help she is – although last night she ended up in a […]

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I’ve joined a gym!

by Julia on 13 September, 2007

Well – If any of my friends or family read this they won’t believe it! I’ve finally gone and joined a gym. We promised the kids that from now on, we’ll take them swimming once a week on either a Saturday or Sunday. The cost of a trip to the pool is £4.50 per adult (Mote […]

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Changes to the No. 8 bus service

by Julia on 12 September, 2007

From the 1st October, the No. 8 bus service that runs from Maidstone Hospital to Downswood is having a slight cut in service. The detailed changes are that the following journeys are withdrawn on Mondays to Fridays: 0845 Downswood to the town centre. 1555 Hospital to Downswood, 1643 Downswood to Hospital, 1730 Hospital to Downswood 1815 […]

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Park and Ride in Maidstone – The Facts.

by Julia on 9 September, 2007

With so much negative campaigning being done by the Conservatives, its time the record was set straight… FACT: Conservatives commissioned report into future of Coombe Quarry Park and Ride. FACT: Conservatives set the parameters for the report including consultation levels. FACT: The park and ride report proposing closure of the Coombe Quarry park and ride […]

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