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Current Issues

This page is a place where I’ll keep a track of current issues (or at least those thatĀ are notĀ private) that Peter Hooper and/or myself are working on.

I need to put in all my older issues (prior to the beginning of this site), but just to lay out the page, here are my new items:

Springwood Estate

  • Peter and I continue to approach all relevant parties on the estate (PCT, Russett Homes, CDS) as well as Police, Community Safety and Environmental Services to encourage ‘joined up’ or partnership working to improve the welfare of the residents of this estate.
  • Update – 27th Sep ’07 – Following a meeting with Russett Homes, Maidstone Borough Council and the local police, Trevor Bonnett – local police officer (and all round nice guy!) has put together a letter, with Peter Cackett (Maidstone Community Safety Team) which will be delivered to all homes on the Springwood Estate. A summary of the letter is that all interested parties will be in attendance on Springwood Road on 12th October to try to set up a “Partners and Community Together (PACT)” group.

Queens Road

  • Bus stop opposite Bramble Close – Still we continue to petition both Kent County and Maidstone Borough Councils to ask that this dangerous and ill-conceived bus stop has it’s sight lines massively improved.
  • Also, road markings remain incorrect at the Tonbridge Road end of Queens road. I’ve continued to ear bash Kent Highways department on an almost weekly basis. They assure me this is a high priority fix – seeings how it’s been 18months, I’d hate to see a low priority…