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Remembrance Day

by Julia on 11 November, 2007

The Kohima Epitaph: When you go home, Tell Them of us and say, For your tomorrow, We gave our today.

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Trosley Country Park

by Julia on 10 November, 2007

I have just had one of the best days out with the kids ever and it only cost £2. It was great for the following reasons: It was cheap (meaning we can do this often); The kids didn’t whinge once and had a great time; It wore them out completely; It was very educational; It […]

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WOW – Walk On Wednesday

by Julia on 3 October, 2007

  Today saw the start of Brunswick House Primary School joining the “Walk On Wednesday” scheme. At it’s simplest, the idea is that pupils walk to and from school on Wednesdays. My kids couldn’t wait, as you get a sticker every time you walk. After so many stickers, you get a certificate. It’s a well known […]

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Rachael’s turn to write a post

by Julia on 2 October, 2007

I’m feeling really sorry for myself today. I’ve come down with tonsillitis, which I get really often. I’m already on penicillin for an unrelated thing, and top it all off, I’ve got a headache. To cut a long story short, Rachael’s going to write todays post… Today was a grat day. I had Frech-club computr-club […]

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by Julia on 18 September, 2007

I found a bookcrossing book in town today. It’s only my third find – I actually squealed with delight when I saw it. For those not in the know, Book Crossing is where you “release books into the wild” by leaving them in findable places (this one was on the wall of a church in town). Inside […]

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Oakwood School Campus

by Julia on 17 September, 2007

I attended a meeting this evening organised due to the ever increasing number of  complaints regarding Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) around the Oakwood Campus. In attendance were local and County Councillors, the Police & PCSOs, heads of the three secondary schools and representatives from the Community Safety Team (Maidstone Council). There have been a number […]

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