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New page on website

by Julia on 20 September, 2007

I’ve added a new page to this web site entitled “Current Issues“. I think this will be easiest way for anyone to monitor what it is I get up to and what issues people have advised me of!

I’ve found it frustrating writing up just a few of the issues that I’m working on as it reminds just how much of my role as Councillor is just chasing up people time and time again.

One of my favourite films is “Shawshank Redemption” a film all about a wrongly convicted prisoner who after 19 years escapes having dug a tunnel with a rock hammer…

I digress because for years the lead character writes one letter a week to various authorities requesting funds to expand the prison library. Eventually he receives not only funds, but also box upon box of second hand books along with a letter telling him they expect to never hear from him again! Instead he states, he’ll write two letters a week!

Sadly, a lot of my time seems to be spent sending one letter a week (well email in all honesty) but I’m just not sure my (and my constituents) needs are sinking in. I guess it’s time to start sending two a week…

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