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My new book is a big disapointment!

by Julia on 21 September, 2007

A few days ago I found a book whilst on my travels around Maidstone. I settled down to read it today – I have officially given up now having hit a block at page 3!

The following is a quote from the book (and I’m really not making this up) in the opening chapter which rather worryingly is entitled “How to read this book”:

…This volume has made no effort to use resounding or thunderous phrases, frowning polysyllables or prefessorial detachment. When one is delivering answers which are simple, he need not make the communication any more difficult than is necessary to convey the ideas. “Basic language” has been used, much of the nomenclature is colloquial; the pedantic has not only not been employed, it has also been ignored. This volume communicates to several strata of life and professions; the favourite nomenclatures of none have been observed since such a usage would impede the understanding of others…

In other words – this book is easily readable and straightforward… Well – when I sit down to read a book, I do it to unwind, not to get in a right old tizzy… This book will be “released into the wild” very soon!

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