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A letter to the Kent Messenger…

by Julia on 24 September, 2007

I’ve sent the following into the Letters page of the KM today:

Dear Sir,

I refer to Councillor Pollington’s letter (KM 21/09/07) regarding Maidstone’s local planning policy.

Had Councillor Pollington attended some of the planning training provided for all elected Councillors, he would have heard an independent trainer praise the fact that our local plan is signed by representatives of all political groups on the Council.

Indeed, had he ever opened the local plan, (which I would expect every person who ever sits on the planning committee to have done) he would have seen this signed testament clearly stating it has cross party support.

Perhaps Councillor Pollington’s time would be better served helping his constituents, rather than just spouting nonsense – the facts of which he has clearly never investigated.

Cllr Julia Batt
Heath Ward, Maidstone
Borough Council
01622 721432

I know as local Councillor’s we’re all supposed to be ‘politicians’ but quite frankly, I’m sick of all the ‘spin’ that goes on for the sake of a few illegitimately won votes. It’s not rare for me to lose my rag privately, but to put down on paper something like this shows I’m really cross!

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