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Oakwood School Campus

by Julia on 17 September, 2007

I attended a meeting this evening organised due to the ever increasing number of  complaints regarding Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) around the Oakwood Campus. In attendance were local and County Councillors, the Police & PCSOs, heads of the three secondary schools and representatives from the Community Safety Team (Maidstone Council). There have been a number […]

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Liberal Democrat Party Conference

by Julia on 17 September, 2007

I went to my first ever party conference, just for the day, yesterday – and I loved it! It was great meeting so many like-minded people, having the oppurtunity to pick up some great ideas, attend some really well thought out training and in between dashing from one thing to another, see a little of […]

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Freshlands Estate – Trim trail equipment

by Julia on 14 September, 2007

To ease some anti-social behaviour occuring on the Freshlands Estate, it has been agreed that one of the pieces of trim trail equipment will be moved. Currently, one of the pieces is just a few feet from a property and has become a ‘hang out’ bench, rather than the fun activity it was designed for. […]

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I’ve joined a gym!

by Julia on 13 September, 2007

Well – If any of my friends or family read this they won’t believe it! I’ve finally gone and joined a gym. We promised the kids that from now on, we’ll take them swimming once a week on either a Saturday or Sunday. The cost of a trip to the pool is £4.50 per adult (Mote […]

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Changes to the No. 8 bus service

by Julia on 12 September, 2007

From the 1st October, the No. 8 bus service that runs from Maidstone Hospital to Downswood is having a slight cut in service. The detailed changes are that the following journeys are withdrawn on Mondays to Fridays: 0845 Downswood to the town centre. 1555 Hospital to Downswood, 1643 Downswood to Hospital, 1730 Hospital to Downswood 1815 […]

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Mr. Mouse attempts blackmail

by Julia on 10 September, 2007

Kids… who’d have ’em? Well, OK, I admit it – I would – but sometimes my patience wears thin. This morning being no exception. I have a list as long as my arm of things I absolutley, positively MUST do yesterday (or earlier). The day started well – up, dressed, Travis (baby) fed and dressed, […]

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Park and Ride in Maidstone – The Facts.

by Julia on 9 September, 2007

With so much negative campaigning being done by the Conservatives, its time the record was set straight… FACT: Conservatives commissioned report into future of Coombe Quarry Park and Ride. FACT: Conservatives set the parameters for the report including consultation levels. FACT: The park and ride report proposing closure of the Coombe Quarry park and ride […]

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