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Facebook… How addictive?

by Julia on 12 November, 2007

Good grief – I am addicted… to facebook that is…

For those of you who have not yet heard of it, Facebook is a “social utility that connects you with people around you”.

It’s sort of like an up-to-date friends reunited, without having to pay any money to subscribe. You join by entering a few details and then go searching for friends – you’ll be amazed how many you can find! It’s a bit harder finding old girl friends as their surnames may well have changed, but once you’ve found one, they’ll normally lead you to another. You can then message your friends, load applications, draw pictures, check out your friends political allegiance’s (good for me!) and a whole heap of other time wasting activities.

You can join groups too, and so I’m a member of the ‘Nick Clegg is more of a hottie than David Cameron any day’ group as well as (without wanting to give away my voting preferences) ‘Nick Clegg for leader’.

So, if you find yourself with time on your hands, I thoroughly recommend Facebook!

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