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The clocks have gone back

by Julia on 29 October, 2007

This morning I awoke at 9:30am. This meant I then had to gently break the news to the kids that we’d missed church today.

They love church – and they’re the reason we go in all honesty. Rachael has asked to be christened and so we felt it was important she went regularly to church. The first time we went, we were convinced Rach and Ryan would be bored silly so we packed lots of colouring books and pens and set off. As soon as we arrived, Rachael was herded off to Sunday School and Ryan to the ‘creche’ managed by two of the regular parishioners. Peter, I and Travis then spent the whole service nervously sitting on our own and wondering what they were both up to. – We spent the whole week finding out, with them begging for us to return the following week.

And that’s how it’s been now for nearly two months. Until this morning that is, when I broke the devestating news that we’d missed the service. There were many tears, and row’s. Rachael even told us off for letting her stay up late last night for a halloween party we’d been to that had resulted in her over sleeping. All this before I’d even had breakfast.

At lunchtime, Peter pointed out that the clocks had gone back an hour overnight. He then pointed out that this meant we’d actually all woken with an hour to spare before church…

Why oh why do we never remember before lunchtime?

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