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Freshlands Estate – Trim trail equipment

by Julia on 14 September, 2007

To ease some anti-social behaviour occuring on the Freshlands Estate, it has been agreed that one of the pieces of trim trail equipment will be moved.

Currently, one of the pieces is just a few feet from a property and has become a ‘hang out’ bench, rather than the fun activity it was designed for. To discourage people using it as somewhere to sit and have a cigarette, or ‘nose’ into the neighbouring property, it will be moved to a site behind the playground, further away from houses.

The cost of moving it will be covered by the developers, so there will be no cost to any individuals or the council.

Whenever a new development is built, the council can ask for a contribution (known as section 106) towards the local area. It can cover contributions towards highways, local Doctors facilites, local education/schools, and play equipment (as in this case) as well as many other things. The design of the Freshlands estate was established and approved well before I was elected, but I really think the developers and council got it right – with a great play area, and a good amount of beautifully maintained green space.

My kids and I often wander around the edge of the estate playing on all the pieces of equipment culminating with a trip to the play area. This is one of our favourite activities and is, of course, FREE – making it that much the better!

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