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Mr. Mouse attempts blackmail

by Julia on 10 September, 2007

Ryan - being led astray by Mr. Mouse again

Kids… who’d have ’em?

Well, OK, I admit it – I would – but sometimes my patience wears thin. This morning being no exception.

I have a list as long as my arm of things I absolutley, positively MUST do yesterday (or earlier). The day started well – up, dressed, Travis (baby) fed and dressed, Rachael (6) dressed, fed, school bag packed, washing in machine, kitchen cleaned, my room tidied, quick blitz in dining room, check of emails – and then I realised – Ryan (4) still hadn’t come downstairs…

“Come on Ryan” I called upstairs – nothing – not a peep – oh no – please don’t still be asleep… It’s practically time to leave for the school run… I get upstairs and find Ryan, having messed up my very recently tidied bedroom, standing on the landing naked (if you ignore the pair of boxers he was sporting in place of a hat).

OK – I was angry and perhaps this is inexcusable but I really was at my witts end so I stamped on Mr. Mouse. Who’s Mr. Mouse? Well he’s Ryan’s imaginary friend and a right little trouble maker to boot. Unfortunately, being invisible, Mr. Mouse apparently wasn’t actually standing where I’d stamped, so he’s survived another day. Not content with ruining my early morning, he’s since gone on to inform me (via Ryan) that I can’t go to his birthday party today (he has one every day), and he’ll be telling Peter (husband) about my murderous instincts when he gets home from work. However, all this can be averted if I spend the entire morning answering to Ryan’s every whim.

Well Mr. Mouse – unlike Chelsea and Deano, I’m going to come clean in advance, and get out of your blackmailing schemes. HA !… Oh crickey… I’ve got to go… if I don’t take Ryan to the playground this very minute Mr. Mouse is phoning the police…

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