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100 years at Maidstone Police Station

by Julia on 2 April, 2008

Late yesterday afternoon, all Councillors from Maidstone Borough were invited to attend a photoshoot today to recreate a photo that had been found in 1946 of the opening of Maidstone Police Station.

Unfortunately, the late notice meant that only a few Councillor’s could attend, but I’m very glad to say I was one of them.

100 years at Maidstone Police Station This is a copy of the picture taken on 27th March 1908. The subjects include the Mayor of the time, Borough Councillors and senior Police officers. (Please click on the picture to see an enlarged version).

As can be seen by the photo, there were of course no women involved with the local Council, or indeed in positions of seniority in the Police. This made it all the nicer for me to be included in todays recreation. Although so few of us could make the photo, it still shows how times have changed. The Mayor sat in the centre of the photo, with his wife the Mayoress beside him, and I am there as a female Councillor too! – Plus, none of todays Councillors had top hats on!!!

I’m really looking forward to seeing the photo’s taken today, and just hope I’m not doing my normal cheesey grin, or blinking at the wrong time!

I’ll post the new along with the old when I get a copy!

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