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I know, I know…

by Julia on 26 February, 2008

so what do I know?

Firstly, I know I haven’t blogged in ages and I apologise; and
Secondly, I know the following blog is so irrelevant to you all but I still wanted to share it with the world!

so much so, that I’ve actually logged back onto my PC, prior to going to bed…

So what’s it about?…. Ryan (4 year old) has been making me chuckle (again)….

We (husband and I) are really really struggling to get Ryan reading – doesn’t matter what we do, it doesn’t work…. so husband came up with a new idea…. if Ryan really really want’s something, he’ll have to read what it is before he gets it…. in this case “Pepsi”….

“Mummy” says Ryan, “can I have some of that drink please” (he’s a very polite boy I’ll have you know!)
“You certainly can Son…. but first of all what’s it called?”
“Not quite” (for we’ve been taught saying the ‘no’ word is unacceptable and stops them learning) “what’s the first letter?”
“Clever boy – next letter?”
“well done, what’s next?”
“pah again”
“well done, Ryan…. what do you think this word might be?”
“not quite…. it’s got five letters, but coke only has four…. what else could it be?”
“diet coke?”
“try again”
“good guessing…. but remember it starts with ‘pah’…. let’s say all the letters together”
[here I speak alone while Ryan stares at me like there’s something wrong with me] “pah-eh-pah-ssss-eeee – would do you think it might be now?”

And so it continues…. later Ryan had finally wised up to the fact that it wasn’t coke….
“Mummy…. can I have some of that drink that isn’t coke that Rachael’s having please?”

“of course you can Son”

Sadly, it’d taken him a while to get to accepting it wasn’t coke, and so by this time Rachael was having blackcurrant squash…. he wasn’t impressed…

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