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Over £4,000 raised for the 36 Royal Engineers Fund

by Julia on 6 October, 2007

seanviolino2.jpgFollowing the sad death of Corporal Ivano Violino after just 16 days in Afghanistan, a fundraising event for the 36 Royal Engineers Benelovent Fund was held today.

Six teams of six people took part in a sports challenge event in the Mall Chequers. Each team raised a minimum of £500 to take part and a tombola raised a further £200.

Maidstone’s Mayor, Richard Ash (who always seems to do well at these things!), won some pantomime tickets as well as some body lotion.

Congratulations to The Bob Prowse Health Club, who won the event and commiserations to Maidstone Borough Council who may not have been in the top five, but who put up a very respectable fight!

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