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Coriander Drive – Lamp post problem

by Julia on 4 October, 2007

Coriander Drive 

  • Case opened 18th Sep ’07 – Lamp posts have been placed around the shops on the Oakwood Hospital estate without proper consultation with neighbours. I am investigating the possiblitiy of having them moved.
  • Update – 25th Sep ’07 – Have confirmed that these are not Kent County Council lamp posts and have been placed by the developer as this land on which they’re placed will not become ‘adopted’ by the Council. Am now investigating whether planning permission was sought and gained, or whether it wasn’t necessary prior to placement. Will then approach developer to discuss.
  • Update – 4th Oct 07 – These lamp posts were not part of the conditions of building or included in the original developments permission. Therefore the lamp posts must come down and planning permission applied for. Developers have been informed and have agreed to meet with Cllr Hooper to discuss proposed new siting.

If you have any views on this siting of these lamp posts, please contact Cllr Peter Hooper on 729302 or by email here.

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