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Rachael’s turn to write a post

by Julia on 2 October, 2007

I’m feeling really sorry for myself today. I’ve come down with tonsillitis, which I get really often. I’m already on penicillin for an unrelated thing, and top it all off, I’ve got a headache. To cut a long story short, Rachael’s going to write todays post…

Today was a grat day. I had Frech-club computr-club and Teagn Oscer Tory and Andrea came roude for tea. Travis was fast aslep all day today.

At scool we did big cat phonics. We did some litrsy some numrsy, mats praktis and lots more. I got to play with my frends. The lunch was fandabydosy. Scool is just the best place in the wolde to learn. I am in the batt family. Some pepole think we are called the batt family becase in the nite we tern in to bats but it is not true. My favret coluer is definitly pink. I wish I was still in year one tho because I want to see miss Marchant. I like her so much she was a relly cind lady so I did not want her to leave. I tryed not to cry, but when I got home I burt in to tears.

My mum has got a big head ake.

Well there you have it; the word on the street according to a six year old:

  • schools great
  • it’s the best place to learn
  • school dinners are good too
  • and most importantly, Rachael’s favourite colour is pink
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